The Baby-Boomer Generation

By Phineas Upham

How would you describe the baby-boomer generation? In the article, “Reinventing Middle Age,” Daphne Merkin does a great job at listing phrases to describe this group of middle aged folk, starting with “Lamaze classes” and “chronic credit card debt.” The article is a look at the baby-boomer generation from the eyes of a baby-boomer. What are their hopes and dreams? What did they used to believe and what do they believe in now? Merkin suggests that the invention of “middle age,” is what sets the baby-boomers apart from generations before them.

She writes, “Indeed, the enshrinement of hipness as a long-term attitude — the idea that first you’re cool and then you’re uncool and then you die — is probably the worst legacy of the culture of the 60s.” According to Merkin, the result “is a collective failure to maintain our generational integrity.”

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