Metric System vs. Imperial System

As we all know The United States uses the Imperial System that is when Metric system had to replace the Imperial System. The US is adopting the metric system very slowly since we haven’t had the order from the Congress for the change or for the switch, and let us not forget about the lack of commitment.  And now we all got used to using the Imperial System which we use every single day in our life. And the reason it is not being changed since there is not going to be a huge difference if we switch to or move to metric measurements.

One of the things this switch from Imperial to metric is affecting is the international trading as our reading material states, and almost all other countries besides US are using the metric system for measuring. Here in the US we measure things in ounces, and other countries are measuring in Milliters. And for not for the US to implement and switch from Imperial to Metric will be huge cost and that is another reason we are taking it very very slowly.

But on the other hand the Imperial system has its benefits as well, and one of them which I love the most is its simplicity and convenience. This system is really easy for everyone to understand even children. When the Metric system complicates everything even the simplest things as grocery shopping.

I am personally from Armenia and over there in my hometown everything is being measured by means of Metric System. And until this day I cannot understand or imagine how can they use those numbers when they can easily do whatever we are doing right now here in The United States and make their job and life lot easier.

And lastly, what we can do is; we can implement certain areas of industry metric system and the others will remain as is with Imperial system. That will be the best and the right way of resolving the gap between the United States’ measurement system and the rest of the world.


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