A breakthrough to get rid of chemical weapons in Syria

War weary Americans as well as the U.S. President may have gotten the best news from Russia when President Vladimir Putin put forward a proposal to voluntarily eliminate chemical weapons from Syria. The deployment of chemical weapons on its people on August 21, 2013 suspected to be by the Syrian regime sent shock waves throughout the world and the U.S. replied with an imminent military strike of Syrian chemical weapons storage and delivery system. The attacked reportedly killed 1,429 people including more than 450 women and children. The total death toll due to the conflict that is raging more than two years climbed pass estimated 100,000. President Obama indicated that he is seeking Congressional approval for a limited military operation in Syria to disable all means of future chemical weapons use by the current Syrian regime.

Over the next few days and weeks more details of the proposal will emerge paving the way to avoid a military strike on Syrian chemical weapons storage and delivery system. The Syrian regime claimed for many years that it has no chemical weapons. The new proposal may also avoid the war weary America involved in another civil war in the Middle East.